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Lois P. Klavir
President 2022

“With great honor and pride, we venture into this new era of our beloved Chamber. We have taken great strides in the past few years with unwavering passion, unmatched dedication, and incredible talents from all Officers and the Board of Directors who have served in the past 21 years since our inception and then transformation about five years ago. I could not be more blessed to serve alongside a multi-generational powerhouse cast that will elevate our work further.

As we begin to hit new milestones, I encourage everyone to continue to be highly engaged, become a member, support our Chamber programs and continue to uplift and serve our community. Let’s s make it the Golden Era of FACCGLA!

Empower Entrepreneurs. Elevate Professionals, Engage Communities. Join FACCGLA!”


Annie for Trustworthy by ATP

Roxanne “Annie” Nepomuceno
FACC GLA President


Ellen Samson
FACC GLA President


Gerry Palon, MBA
FACC GLA President