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Dear Colleagues,

It’s really the time of reform, and for businesses to pivot. More than ever, we must think of ways to handle social issues and the state of mind of business owners. These times are unlike anything we have ever experienced.

Let’s focus on handling change–in the way our businesses could thrive, or be reborn in the new normal. Let’s equip ourselves with new tools and new strategies. The Chamber is here to support, network, and connect Members to resources.

I am thankful for the Chamber Team, who strive to have constructive and adaptive minds. Thank you for your continued contribution to our organization.

CHANGE is the keyword nowadays, something we need to do in all aspects of our lives. COPING with this change can be difficult but we need to weather through the pain, disdain, and difficulties out of our control. Let’s work on what we can control, which is our mindset, our attitude and how we treat others.

Let’s continue to help each other through FACCGLA. These trying times should be the times we try.

Roxanne “Annie” Nepomuceno
President 2020-2022