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Dear Colleagues,

We thank you for visiting FACC GLA website. This is a collective effort from the men and women who unselfishly contribute their time and efforts in pursuing the goals and objectives of this dynamic organization. We invite you to join us in undertaking the projects that espouse entrepreneurship and leadership programs that cater to a diverse community.

As a strong advocate of providing economic empowerment among its individual members, we opened up a world of networking, marketing, advertising, public relations and training opportunities. These help startups and small enterprises grow and expand their respective businesses. Member companies have hosted educational workshops and participated in local trade shows as well. Members also participated in international expositions/conferences, trade missions where FACC GLA participated.

Believing in free enterprise, we don’t allow exclusivity in any business sector. However, we are developing a Business Referral System that gives premium value among our chamber members.

We are proud to have good working relationship with the Philippine Consulate Office in Los Angeles, the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC), the mainstream business organizations (e.g. Valley Economic Alliance and United Chamber of Commerce of San Fernando Valley), and the Asian American Chambers Alliance (AACA). All these affiliations are geared towards bringing the Fil Am businesses into the mainstream business community.

We are fortunate to have a big and diverse membership rich in experience and expertise. We draw support from a large base of volunteers who serve in our Board of Directors and our standing committees. These individuals understand that our strength lies in our ability to work together and are willing to contribute their time and talents to sustain a strong and dynamic organization.

Our strength lies in our ability to work together and we encourage you to join us in our quest to achieve a more prosperous Filipino American community. Invest in yourself, your business and your community by becoming involved with FACC-GLA.


Gerry Palon, MBA
FACC GLA President
2017 President
Deleted: 2015 President Emeritus
(310) 999-5742