FRTC 2019 Guest Speaker: Enchong Formoso

FRTC 2019 Guest Speaker: Enchong Formoso
January 26, 2019 FACC GLA
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Join the conference and learn from retail magnate and authority Enchong Formoso. The impressive roster of guest speakers is part of the Feb15 Conference, which offers more like an Exhibition Hall, A Gala, Daytrips to Google Inc and the Port of LA. Well worth your time for business growth! Get tickets here:

2019 FranchisIng & Retail Trade Conference 
Cerritos, Los Angeles, California
February 15-19, 2019

Open Registration & Sponsorships Available
*An International & Domestic Event
Celebrating World Renown Brands | A Gala Masquerade | Digital B2B Pairing | Speed Networking | Connecting | New Partnerships | International Trade | Global Retail | Tickets are now on sale!

More at
*An experience like no other.
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